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Hotel Alpenroyal
(Comfort rooms / Apart. / Half-board)
Fam. Waltraud Geiger
Oberer Trujenweg 4
A-6533 Fiss

P. +43 5476 6470 or 6677
Fax. +43 5476 6470-5

Booking information

Hotel & Facilities

Room request

Gladly we accept your requests for specific apartments and rooms, but we cannot guarantee a fixed room number. Please also note that if you have made an online reservation you are unable to book a specific apartment name, but have booked a category (like Two, Three or Four Room apartment) instead. For more information on the apartment categories see the corresponding sub item.

Ski storage at the cable cars

For our winter guests we provide free ski storage at our Partner Intersport Pregenzer.
The max. number of ski storages depends on the booked apartment category. Please note that additional storage units need to be reserved in advance for an extra fee.

Max. number of ski storage depends on the booked apartment category:

4 room apartment: Ski storage for 1x ski equipment per person, max. 6x ski equipment total
3 room apartment: Ski storage for 1x ski equipment per person, max. 6x ski equipment total
2 room apartment: Ski storage for 1x ski equipment per person, max. 4x ski equipment total
If you booked a room with half board (Type A, B or C) we provide storage for 1 x ski equipment per person

Free ski storage until 1 day before departure

A dedicated ski storage unit is assigned during check-in on lease. Up to the maximum amount of units for the corresponding apartment type the lease is free. The lease of the storage unit expires one day before your check-out date. We ask you to return the key-cards on the expiration date and within the working hours of our reception, otherwise the extra day will be charged. (See: chargeable period)

Chargeable period

The chargeable period starts the moment you receive the key(s) for the unit and lasts until the key(s) are returned in person at the reception. A basic principle applies: The day the chargeable period commences and ends will each be charged fully.


A deposit of € 10,- per key in cash is due directly upon receiving the key. The deposit will be returned in exchange of the undamaged key. (Attention: RFID key cards are rather sensitive, a tear of a few millimetres is enough to disenable (damage) the card. Handle them with care.)


For an additional ski storage we charge € 4,- per storage unit and day. One storage unit is designed to hold 2 sets of ski equipment. Whereby one set of ski equipment consist of: one pair of ski or one snowboard, two pairs of shoes and two helmets.

Definition "Set of ski equipment"

One set of ski equipment consist of: one pair of ski with ski poles or one snowboard, a pair of shoes and a helmet.


In our hotel smoking is prohibited. This includes publicly accessible areas as well as your room or apartment. Smoking on the balcony is allowed.


Dogs are generally allowed. We charge € 12,- per day (without food) and allow one dog per apartment/room.
Dogs are prohibited to enter the breakfast and dining area as well as the SPA area. For the public areas of the hotel we ask you to use a dog lead. Please make sure that your pet can cope with living in a foreign place before your arrival. Any damages caused by the pet will be invoiced and have to be paid for before departure.


Free of charge in the hotel


All of our rooms and apartments are accessible via elevator.


Parking at our appointed parking areas is free of charge. Per room/apartment we provide one parking lot directly at the hotel. If you require more than one parking lot we will provide additional ones either at the hotel or at our auxiliary parking space which is about 5 min walking distance away.

Rooms (Bed & Breakfast or halfboard)


According to the descriptions on our homepage.


The stated prices in the rooms include breakfast or half board but are exclusive of local tax. Depends what is written on our offer and confirmation.
Reservations of rooms are made under the prerequisite that there will be a minimum of two fully paying persons per room. Unless there has been made a written agreement saying otherwise beforehand, we will charge the price of the minimum occupancy.
The minimum occupancy per room are 2 full paying persons. For children up to 15 years we charge the rate stated in the confirmation of reservation. If the room is occupied by one or no full paying person we consider the first two persons full paying, discounts for children do not apply.
In the event that fewer people than agreed upon arrive we will charge a cancellation fee for the absent person.


If you are unable to attend breakfast you can request a lunch package instead. A compensation in cash is not possible.
For an undrawn dinner we deduct € 8,- per adult and € 6,- per child.


Please take note that if you have made an online reservation you did not book a specific apartment name, but have booked a category (like Two, Three or Four Room apartment) instead.


2 room apartment: 1x bedroom, 1x bathroom, 1x living room with kitchen range
3 room apartment: 2x bedroom, 2x bathroom, 1x living room with kitchen range
4 room apartment: 3x bedroom, 2x bathroom, 1x living room with kitchen range
Please ascertain that you have booked the right category and size, especially if you have made a direct reservation online (e.g. via our homepage or the Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis website).


We provide bed linen, towels and tableware. You can find a detailed description of each apartment on our homepage. Laundry change as posted at the hotel. Daily cleaning is not included but can be arranged for an extra fee. We also offer a daily bread ordering service.


The stated price in the confirmation of reservation is to be seen as a daily rate and does not include the additional costs. The additional costs (utilities) are charged per person and day. We reserve the right to adjust the price should more people than agreed upon arrival.


There is no breakfast, dinner or snack included in the apartment price.
Optionally you can book breakfast or dinner for a surcharge:
Prices are per person and day:
adult € 13,- / child (up to 11 years) € 8,-
adult € 23,- / child (up to 11 years) € 15,-
On a weekly basis only.
For an undrawn dinner we deduct € 8,- per adult and € 6,- per child.

Booking process & Reservation


We need your binding commitment in written form (e-mail, fax, letter). Oral agreements and agreements by phone are not considered valid or binding reservations. To validate your reservation we take the liberty to invoice one or two advance payment(s). The reservation is void if no prepayment has been received until the due date.
We recommend to effect a travel cancellation insurance. More information: and Information sheet: „Hotelstorno Plus“ (Cancellation cover + more)

Advance payments

Also referred as down payment, prepayment and deposit.
The reservation becomes valid as soon as the first advance payment has arrived.
With the transaction of the first advance payment you accept the content of the Conformation of Reservation as well as the terms of our Conditions of Reservation and Conditions of Cancellation. In the case that the Confirmation of Reservation does not contain a request for an advance payment, the content of the "Conformation of Reservation", the terms of our "Conditions of Reservation" and "Conditions of Cancellation" are considered acknowledged and agreed upon if there is no written revocation within 3 days.

Conditions of Cancellation

A cancellation has to be made in written form. If the reservation has been made trough a travel agency or an online platform the conditions of cancellation of the corresponding platform become effective.
If you booked your accommodation through Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis platform, our webpage or directly by mail or phone the following conditions apply:
In case of a cancellation up to 3 months prior your date of arrival we charge € 100,00 cancellation fee. In case of a cancellation within 3 month up to 30 days before the day of arrival, where always the date of receipt is valid, we charge 45% of the accommodation price.
In case of a cancellation within 30 to 0 days to the date of arrival we charge 95% of the accommodation price.
For all of the above the date of receipt is the relevant and binding factor
The accommodation price is defined as the prices of the most current version of the confirmation of reservation. The accommodation price is the total of lodgings including tax, for the number of people stated and for the time period agreed upon in the most current version Confirmation of Reservation.

Arrival and Departure


Upgrading to a room better than- or equal to- the room agreed upon in the Confirmation of Reservation is allowed. The equal room will be charged equally to the agreed fees in the Confirmation of Reservation. Upgrades are negotiable in accordance with Fam. Geiger and upon availableness. Prices will be at least equal to- or higher than- the agreed fees in the Confirmation of Reservation.


Moving into your room or apartment is possible as from 4.00 pm. In case your arrival is delayed or you are planning to arrive after 7.00 pm please notify us at your earliest convenience.


We ask you to vacate your room or apartment until 10.00 am

Undrawn Services

Please understand that there is no discount or refund for undrawn services.

Early departure / Late arrival

If the Party (the guest) leaves prematurely, the Proprietor shall be entitled to charge the total agreed remuneration. The Proprietor shall deduct anything saved due to the failure to use its scope of services or maintained by letting the booked rooms to other guests. Such savings shall only be deemed to exist if the capacities of the accommodating establishment are fully used upon the Guest’s failure to use the booked rooms and the room can be let to other guests due to the cancellation by the Party. The burden of proof to show that savings have been made shall lie with the Party.

Payment options

The total bill minus advance payment can be settled in cash, with an ATM card (Maestro & V-Pay), or via online transaction (in advance). Please check for eventual daily/weekly/monthly limits on your ATM card beforehand at your house bank. Also note that there may be different limits for using your card abroad (The general daily limit per card are € 400,-). We do not accept credit cards.

Financial Transactions

The costs for the financial transaction (e.g. remittance fee) shall be paid by the guest. We advise you to use SEPA transactions.


 is obligated to pay the agreed remuneration in accordance with the most recent version of the Confirmation of Reservation plus any extra amount that have arisen from the use of special services by the guest and/or the accompanying guests plus any applicable VAT one day before their departure but no later than the time of departure.
The landlord/landlady retains the right to charge the arrearage at the arrival or during your stay.
If the Party refuses to pay or is in arrears with the agreed remuneration, the Proprietor
shall be entitled to make use of the legal right of retention in accordance
with § 970c of ABGB [Austrian Civil Code] and the legal right of lien in accordance
with § 1101 of ABGB with respect to the items brought along by the Party or the
Guest. Furthermore, the Proprietor shall be entitled to make use of this right of
retention or lien in order to secure its claims under the Accommodation Agreement,
particularly for catering, other expenses made for the Party and for any
kind of damage claims.


The Proprietor shall be entitled to terminate the Accommodation Agreement with
immediate effect for important reasons, particularly if the Party and/or the Guest
a) makes significantly adverse use of the rooms or makes their stay intolerable for the other guests, the owner, its vicarious agents or the third parties staying at the accommodating establishment due to ruthless, offensive or other10 wise highly improper conduct or commits an act against property, morality or physical safety towards these persons that is subject to penalty;
b) suffers of a contagious disease or a disease the duration of which exceeds the term of accommodation or otherwise is in need of care;
Defintion of terms in accordance of AGBH 2006 Begriffsdefinition (ALLGEMEINE GESCHÄFTSBEDINGUNGEN FÜR DIE HOTELLERIE 2006)
Floorplans and Images can be symbolic and for illustration purposes, subject to change without prior notice and shall remain reserved.
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