Hygiene measures at Hotel Belmont

We care about your safety

Holidays should be carefree and relaxing. For this reason, we have taken various safety and hygiene measures at the Hotel Belmont.

The booking information show our adapted cancellation conditions so that you can book without uncertainty.

Hygiene measures

So that we can keep our promise of quality and thus guarantee your safety, we provide you with disinfectant at the hotel entrance. All surfaces and touch points are disinfected several times a day.

  • Hygiene and cleanliness is our quality promise to you and has top priority.
  • We welcome you with a smile instead of shaking hands.
  • In case of signs of illness during your vacation: report to the reception or contact the doctor. You will receive the COVID Hotline from us by mail before your arrival.
  • If you show symptoms shortly before your arrival, please contact your local doctor immediately.


  • the legal minimum distance will be observed
  • the statutory regulations must be maintained


  • Sauna is open, no infusion possible. Steam bath is open.
  • The Covid19 rules must be observed.
  • Opening hours according to the notice board on site.

Further information entry requirements

Offical website of Austria

Visit the following link and you will find the current entry requirements for Austria. This page is updated regularly.