Your four-legged friend will feel right at home with us

Holiday with your dog

  • Dogs allowed with written consent.
  • Per day we charge € 15.- without food, per dog.
  • In our hotel area the dog always has to be kept on a leash.
  • In each apartment / hotel room there is a maximum of 1 dog allowed.
What do we humans have in common with dogs? The love of the mountains!

Whether running through the fluffy snow in winter or experiencing extensive hiking tours in summer. The varied expanses are fun for humans and animals and are good for our health. With us, your beloved furry nose will feel right at home, and now the holiday can begin.

House rules for your pet

  • In our hotel area the dog always has to be kept on a leash.
  • Dog owners can get advice on good walks at the reception.
  • Dog waste is to be put into a dog waste bag which are available at dog stations near the hotel and will be disposed in said dog stations.
  • As the dog owner you accept that leashes are compulsory throughout the hotel.
  • There are no constraints regarding available categories you can book. But for it to stay that way dogs will stay off the couch, bed and chairs. They are to sleep on the dog pillow the owner takes with them from home.
  • Please put a dog sign outside the door when your pet is alone in the room or don’t want to be disturbed.
  • Dogs are not allowed to enter the dining area, SPA or the playground outside.

Recommendations for your dog

  • Vaccination documents
  • Fresh drinking water and bowl
  • Dog collar, leash, leash in reserve, muzzle (for the hiking bus in summer)
  • Plastic bag and shovel for stops (doggy-bag)
  • Collar label with home and holiday address
  • Familiar pet food in reserve
  • Can opener, fork/spoon
  • Snacks, treats, toys
  • Brush, sun care
  • Vaseline (winter!)
  • First-aid kit